Introducing New Features - A radically better way to surf privately and securely

Proxmate Sept. 6, 2016

It's back to work time for most of us now and the days are getting shorter. The good news is that Proxmate is here to help you while away the longer evenings accessing the content you want to watch wherever you are.

We are always looking out for new ways to improve your surfing experience, so we have been spending the summer preparing for the launch of a number of new features that will improve your security and privacy online.

The first two of these have just been launched. The first is an anti-malware tool that blocks anyone trying to send you viruses or any other form of malware. The second is a tracker-blocker which prevents websites and advertisers following you around the internet and harvesting your data to re-target you as you move around the internet.

These two new tools will ensure you can securely surf the net in full knowledge you won’t be getting those pesky stalking ads following you around or accidently picking up viruses that can harm your computer.

Both of these tools are viewable in the plug-in drop down and are available to all Proxmate users even when they are not accessing content through Proxmate at no extra cost to the subscription you are paying today.

Within two weeks we will be launching some additional security and privacy tools as well as an exciting new feature to speed up your surfing experience, so watch this space.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming season of new TV series, movies and other online content you can now access securely and privately using Proxmate.

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