ProxMate – Your Tool to Access the Rio Olympics

Proxmate Aug. 5, 2016

There was a time when the television was the only source of accessing different channels that were broadcasted all around the world. However, with the constant innovation in technology, people can now access even more sources of entertainment by using the internet. International and local channels have made it a practice to offer live transmission on their websites but not everybody can access because of the unavailability of that website in certain regions of the world. This unavailability could be because of the local regional laws or just because the channel has limited outreach. Hence, the invention of VPNs. A VPN allows users to access or unblock content privately and from anywhere in the world.


There is a high demand for applications and software to unblock internet content; therefore, there is an abundance of such services. One such service is Proxmate. Proxmate is a browser plugin which allows users to access and unblock blocked content from anywhere in the world but privately. Proxmate uses proxy servers in different countries and provides an access to these servers to the users.

Benefits of Proxmate

There are many benefits that set Proxmate apart from the regular VPNs.


Proxmate does not violate the privacy of its users. No user data is tracked by the plugin service. Proxmate also hides the IP location which means that your identity will not be revealed no matter from where you are accessing the websites. They will also soon be launching a free ad blocker so you can surf without having to look at annoying ads.

Fast Speed

One of the issues with VPNs is that they allow you unblock blocked content but the speed of the internet decreases. However, Proxmate offers users lightning fast speed. This is possible because Proxmate directs only the minimum amount of traffic through the proxy and other traffic is directed normally through the internet connection. Its upcoming ad blocker will improve speed even more.

Affordable Price

Many premium versions of VPNs are quite expensive but Proxmate brings the benefit of affordability. There are various packages available starting from the monthly subscription of 1.95 dollars only. Each package has features like fast speed, complete privacy, unlimited data transfer and a money back guarantee.

The Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympics have begun and many people would be trying to access Olympic English commentary. The BBC iPlayer will be running the English commentary but VPNs might be required to unblock BBC outside the UK. Proxmate is a great choice to unblock BBC iPlayer stream to access the Rio Olympics in English commentary. If you prefer American commentary you can also access the Rio Olympics via NBC, also available through Proxmate.

Proxmate is offering a 14-day trial version to the new users without any need for a credit card. Proxmate is an amazing service through which users can access about 300 channels across the globe including popular channels like Netflix, BBC and top channels across Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan.

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