September's New Tv Series & Movies with Proxmate

Proxmate Aug. 30, 2016

Summer holidays are now almost over and it’s time to be getting back to stepping off the beach and getting back to `work.

Now you are home in the evening you can start planning on what to watch for the upcoming fall season on Netflix, BBC, ITV, HBO and other great channels you can access with Proxmate.

Starting on Friday next week you can watch season 2 of the great Netflix show, Narcos to keep up with the world of the Columbian drug cartels.

Until then take a look at this link, New Netflix Shows, it gives you a video summary & complete list & a slide show of all the new TV series and movies launched on Netflix during August. At Slideshow of new Netflix shows you can see a slideshow of all the upcoming new content on US Netflix this fall season.

BBC has unveiled its new and returning drama series available from next month BBC Autumn Schedule all available on BBC iplayer and ITV, the UK’s biggest commercial channel also has plenty of great programmes to access ITV Autumn Schedule via the ITV player.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming season of new TV series as well as new movies, all available via Proxmate.

Keep a lookout for some new Proxmate features, we’ll be telling you more about them in September

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