Welcome to the new Proxmate blog!

Proxmate Oct. 19, 2015

Dear reader,

Welcome to our first Proxmate blog!

We’ve been around quite a few years now, and much has changed since day one. In this, our first blog, we wanted to take you through 'why'. Why do we exist, why have we made so many changes along the way, why have the team invested so much in this service, and the big one for our loyal users - why have we recently moved from a free to a paid model.

But first, a big shoutout to all of our users! If we could hug you we would, as it’s your support that’s got us to where we are. We’re now running at over 300,000 downloads and it’s growing every day. We’re thrilled to be giving people all around the world a service they love, in fact we’re ecstatic!

In the Beginning

So…. It all started as a hobby for one of us who faced an all too common issue - having restrictions on what you can access on the internet. In order to watch and listen to the type of content we felt should be freely available all over the world, Proxmate was born! The service started small, accessing a few channels in only the USA and UK. It was from this little Proxmate embryo that we’ve grown into the bursting-full-of-features service we are today. We still believe in an Open Internet, it drives everything we do, from the content you access, to the open source technology that we use to build our platform (how many other providers can say that??)

Why we’ve changed?

Whilst we’ve grown we’ve noticed that our competitors have grown too, and not too long ago we looked around and realised that we needed to be offering you, the reason we exist, a better service. We were getting questions and requests about more channels, better security, more countries to watch Netflix in! At that time we were operating such a small team that to be honest, there wasn’t a reasonable way we could manage adding these requested extra features and functionality without increasing the amount of people in the team. This was why we made the decision to change and grow. So some very talented, very lovely people joined us, and boy we’ve never looked back.

The expertise and atmosphere that our new members brought to the team made for one happy family, and it’s been an incredible experience building the new Proxmate together. If you haven’t already seen what we’ve become check out our new site here, or if you already know us and just want to see all the cool new stuff we offer, you can check the good stuff here.


Understanding the above context helps to explains the elephant in the room - the reason we have introduced subscription costs for the service - but also the reason we have kept the price so low, we want Proxmate to be affordable and accessible for everyone.

You might or might not know that until now Proxmate was mainly a free service, (with a donations system built in to access a couple of premium channels). This has now changed, and after a free trial period everyone will be required to move to a paying subscription in order to continue using the service. We completely understand this type of change isn’t always easy, especially when moving from a free to a paid model, but now we hope you understand the reasons behind it, and we very much hope you appreciate the value, and enjoy even more, the new service.

Cost vs Value

One thing we’re keen on adding is that we’ve spent a lot (A LOT) of time figuring out a way to make the new Proxmate as cheap as possible without compromising on the service. We've settled on a price that we genuinely believe is amazing value, but at the same time would allow us to grow and keeping adding more features, more channels, more security - ensuring we’ve always got the best service we can offer.

We think our special introductory launch offer of $0.99 a month (or only $9.95 for the year) is a pretty mind-blowing deal, and we hope you find it as astonishing!

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts / comments / feedback, so please get in touch if you’d like to chat. You can get on support@proxmate.me

The Blog

One final note, we plan on bringing you more blogs and more information to stay up to date. Lookout in the future for blogs on troubleshooting, the latest content updates from around the world, the most innovative thinking happening in the world of content access (and why this is a good thing for you), and lots more.

Once again thanks for using Proxmate, and keep your eye out for more from us!

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